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How We Do What We Do?

Our solution is custom made to suit the individual needs of our clients. We however have generally implemented a system that caters for the
planned maintenance, Defects management and spares inventory management. This solution involves the active data monitoring from the Vessels, to pick up early signs of any problem and move immediately to close out and ensure defects are nipped in the bud. At the heart of our solution is a Software which monitors planned maintenance activities, defects and reports and stores this on an Online data base. 

This software is monitorable from a shore base station and reports can be drawn up / generated from the office. This enables effective monitoring of the status of Every Vessel and plan for major repairs or preventative maintenance tasks to sustain a high reliability levels for the Vessel. 

In some cases where Major defects come up despite all prevention activities, we have a quick response team who locate the fault and effect a quick turnaround. They also carry out an investigation to determine the cause and future prevention of such defects.


At Tamisons, we understand that the Asset of our Clients can only be managed to the extent of knowledge of the operators / Crew. We also understand that the knowledge base of the Indigenous crew in low and the Cost of getting and maintaining a foreign crew is significantly higher. 

As part of our Contributions to the Maritime industry and an added benefit to our Clients, we always insist on including the operators of the Asset in all our repair and maintenance activities which is our way of training them to have better understanding of the Machinery and how to properly manage the well in our absence. We have through this program, recorded several instances where the operators have been able to arrest potentially bad situations and sustain the Vessels conveniently.

Why Are We The Better Option?

We believe you are better off signing up with us because we already have a working system implemented and have built a reputation of excellence in less than 2 years of opening our doors. We provide round the Clock service delivery to our Clients and have a dedicated service engineer for every project and will increase the number of service engineers when the number of Vessels increases. 

We provide tailor made services to suit the needs of our Clients.